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AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552

AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552

AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GOMEX
Certification: SGS TS16949
Model Number: F7TC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in the box and reinforced with carton for outer packing
Delivery Time: 35working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 4000000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Spark Plug Product Type: F7TC
Outer Thread: 14mm Thread Pitch: 1.25mm
Thread Lengt: 19mm Spanner Size: 20.8mm
Electrode Gap: 0.9mm Version: Projective

Replacement spark plugs for NST F7TC (NGK BP7ES):

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Q1. What is the function of a spark plug?
A It serves as a lighter to ignite the air/fuel mixture.
It operates under extreme conditions.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552
Q2 Why are GOMEX spark plugs superior?
A They are designed to extract maximum performance from the engine throughout its range.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552
1.It is an "ultra wide heat range" spark plug. It has a center electrode with copper deeply inserted in the tip to quickly dissipate large amounts of heat. This makes for a spark plug with an "ultra wide heat range" that resists both overheating and fouling.When the thermal characteristics of spark plugs with and without copper cores are compared, spark plugs with copper cores prove to be superior in heat and fouling resistance and provide a wider thermal operating range.     
2. This spark plug incorporates an insulator made of state-of-the-art high-alumina ceramics.
• It has superior insulation at high temperatures and offers continuously sparking. 
• It provides superior thermal conductivity and prevents overheating. 
• It resists thermal shock and provides superior mechanical strength.
3. It has solid construction to ensure reliable gas-tightness.
Special hot crimping process to make sure superior gas-tightness and strong construction.
4. The electrode tip made of special nickel alloy ensures superior durability. 
Special nickel alloy ensures superior heat resistance and durability.
Q3 What is the heat rating of a spark plug?
A spark plug must dissipate the heat produced by the combustion gases. The heat rating is a measure of the amount of heat dissipation.
It is essential to use a spark plug with a heat rating that matches a specific engine and its condition of use.
When a wrong heat rating is selected,
When the heat rating is too high,
The spark plug temperature remains too low and causes deposits to build up on the firing end; the deposits provide an electrical leakage path that possibly cause misfire.
When the heat rating is too low,
The spark plug temperature rises too high and induces abnormal combustion (pre-ignition); this leads to melting of the spark plug electrodes that could cause problems such as piston damage.
Q4 How long will a spark plug last?
A Even when a spark plug is correctly used, periodic replacement is required as it is a consumable item.
Examples of problems caused by excessively long periods of use: Worn-out electrodes will have difficulty in sparking.
Deposits accumulated on the firing end may induce abnormal combustion, causing problems that include melting of the electrodes or damaging engine.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552
These spark plugs require replacement.
It must be noted that these phenomena may also be caused by inadequate engine servicing (fuel systems and ignition system) and incorrect spark plug selection.
Q5 In addition to correct heat rating, what other precautions should be taken during installation of spark plugs?
A Ensure the spark plug has the correct thread reach.
The engine will not operate properly without the proper thread reach.
If a spark plug with the wrong thread length is erroneously used, the piston or valve could strike it and damage the engine. Moreover, there is also the concern that the electrode could overheat and melt.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552
A Ensure the spark plug has the correct projection dimensions.
There are several types of spark plug igniter shapes.
Sometimes, even when the length of the thread is correct, installing a spark plug with long metal shell projection dimensions may cause it to be struck by the piston or valve and result in engine trouble. Only use projection type plugs as specified by the manufacturer.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552
When trying to remove a spark plug that is tight and will not come out easily, removing it by force may damage the neck of the threaded section and break the seal section of the spark plug, causing the threaded section to remain in the cylinder head.
To remove such a spark plug without excessive force, first operate the engine and allow it to warm up the cylinder head, then apply penetrating oil to the threaded section.
After a short while, the spark plug can be removed.
AUDI BMW CATERHAM NGK BP7ES Car Spark Plugs F7TC BP7ES W5DC 0241245552

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